“Winter School” Testimonials

What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and “Winter School”

“I feel like I have a secret weapon. I definitely have a competitive edge after attending!”
Student Sacred Heart College

“If I had been aware of how brilliant the TSFX lectures where I would have gone to them at the beginning of the year. “ Student Rosebud Secondary College

TSFX is unmatched in the quality of notes and presentation. Student Werribee Secondary College

“The lecture was fantastic. The topics were discussed in such depth which I had not been taught at my school. The notes are fantastic and the teachers were great and actually explained the concepts and related them to certain things, not just stated what was in the notes. Thanks a lot and I will definitely be attending all the lectures for my classes throughout VCE :)
Student Viewbank College

“A great head start into the new semester.” Student Lavalla Catholic College

“The lecturers made it so easy to understand new concepts. I didn’t think it was possible to learn so much in a day! “ Student Flinders Christian Community College

“This was my first time at TSFX lectures. It was such a good learning experience. The lecturer can really explain the material at such a high standard and I’m proud that I attended because i am now ahead in the Unit 4 Chemistry course. I will certainly come again to TSFX.”
Student Salesian College

“I really enjoyed the lecture and am confident that my scores will now greatly improve. The teacher was excellent and explained everything in an easy to understand manner. Not only has it expanded my understanding, it has made me see some aspects of the subject in a view in which I would not normally look in. “ Student St Bede’s College

“The notes are fantastic and worth coming for.” Student Cathedral College

“All of the TSFX lectures I have attended are amazing. The depth and amount of material provided is astounding and a great asset heading into revision! Thank you so much!”
Student MacKillop College

“I have only attended TSFX due to their excellent reputation. The Winter School Program was excellent and I would not hesitate to attend again or recommend it to anyone.”
Student Berwick Secondary College

“A very well conducted lecture. The presenter was passionate, enthusiastic, and had solid experience in the material being covered. I was afraid that because there was so much to cover in the lecture, that there might be some things that would be glossed over or not explained properly – but this wasn’t the case! The content covered was done so in a very clear, efficient and easy to understand manner, meaning we covered a lot of material, and actually went into enough depth to comprehend the concepts.” Student Mullauna College

“I thought overall it was an incredibly helpful head start to Unit 4 and the topics that will be covered. With basic knowledge now of the coming topics, I believe I will enter them only refining the skills we covered during the lecture. “ Student Elisabeth Murdoch College

“I really enjoyed it and thought it was a worthwhile experience. It actually boosted my self confidence!” Student Viewbank College

“I have always been impressed with the quality of notes provided by TSFX. The lecturers Selected for your programs are always extremely knowledgeable and are very good communicating information on a subject.” Student Box Hill High School

“Loving the lectures, keep up the good work! “ Student St Columba’s College

“A  fantastic session giving me the tools and confidence to tackle semester two! “
Student Fintona Girls School

“I enjoyed the lectures very much!” Student Pakenham Secondary College

 “I really enjoyed and benefited form this English lecture. It showed me ways of responding to essay topics and questions that were not taught at school. The lecturer’s were friendly and knew their topics well. Thanks.” Student Parade College

“Very handy notes and will reduce work and study load!!!!!” Student Gippsland Grammar

“Teachers were extremely engaging, thank you so much!” Student Nossal High School

“I found both lecturer’s really interesting and enjoyable. I feel more prepared for the rest of this year and am very glad that I went and grateful that these lectures were held.”
Student St Margaret’s School

“The booklets are extremely helpful with its detailed and relevant information. They are also well explained and definitely cover all the topics in the curriculum in greater detail than my school. “
Student Presbyterian Ladies’ College

“It was really engaging and helpful.” Student Genezzano FCJ College

“A very well conducted lecture. The presenter was passionate, enthusiastic and had solid experience in the material being covered. The content covered was done so in a very clear, efficient and easy tounderstand manner, meaning we covered a lot of material and actually went into enough depth to comprehend the concepts.” Student Mullauna College

“Amazing, thank you so much.” Student Norwood Secondary College

“Being not the best maths student I am really happy that I attended this lecture and feel much more confident for the semester ahead. We covered so much in the lecture, which will be covered in more depth in class, but I feel a lot more prepared now that I have the basic knowledge of the skill and concepts covered in this lecture.” Student St Margaret’s School

“I thoroughly enjoyed the lectures. They provided extensive notes that I may go over during the course of the term, maximising the amount of time I can spend on attempting exam style questions instead of preparing my own notes.” Student Isik College

“The teachers/lecturers were very vibrant and used examples that were funny and able to stick in your mind easily, which in the long run I believe I will be able to remember and may help me.”
Student Mount Waverley Secondary College

“TSFX is greatly beneficial to my learning, I am very grateful for the time and effort put into the lectures, and the issued notes. :) ” Student Trinity College

“Worth every bit of the $95 and getting up early to catch the train!”
Student Christian College Geelong

“Nam Quang and a one off Lecture at Victoria University was nothing in comparison with TSFX.” Student Overnewton Sec College

“I thought it was a great, successful day, the teachers were helpful and I felt today will help me in my future Math Methods classes, Thank you.” Student Catholic Regional College

“Was a very useful tool for the upcoming semester.” Student The Peninsula School

“The lecture was really good. It was the first lecture I had been to, and I learnt a lot. It will help me understand the topics we will cover later in the semester. I will definitely return for the revision lecture at the end of semester before exams. “ Student Greensborough Secondary College

“It was both an intense and beneficial experience.” Student Ivanhoe Grammar School

“Very informative lecture with friendly and approachable teachers “ Student Ave Maria College

“This lecture really showed how easy methods can be if we use the right methods to work things out :) Worth the money!” Student Macleod College