What We Offer

What We Offer

TSFX offers a range of programs designed to help students reduce workloads, decrease stress levels, and maximise scores.

These include revision courses before examinations, intensive fortnightly tuition classes, study/exam skills lectures, as well as specialised courses that prepare students in advance of each school term.

Each of our programs are developed and delivered by current and experienced teachers – many of whom are textbook authors, as well as writers and markers of official Year 12 exams. Our teachers are sourced from the top performing schools across the state and are handpicked for their professional achievements and high-level communication skills.

Every student attending a TSFX program receives a complete and thorough set of A+ notes so they can listen and learn during our lectures, rather than miss vital concepts whilst trying to write and listen at the same time.

Our comprehensive notes also eliminates the need for students to waste valuable time preparing notes, saving students hundreds of hours in study time! It is the actual learning and practising of questions that has the biggest impact on examination scores – not writing and/or re-writing notes and summaries!


To date, NO OTHER seminar/lecture provider has been able to match the quality and depth of materials and instruction that are issued to students who attend TSFX programs. Extracts from our lecture programs may be viewed here.

The Edge Online Resource Centre

To secure a further edge in their studies, we invite students to join our Edge Online resource centre, which hosts a huge collection of free A+ essays and projects, trial exam papers, weekly study/exam tips and more!

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