Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Not all organisations involved in the delivery of revision lectures/programs employ qualified, practising Year 11 and 12 teachers to write their course materials and/or present their lecture programs.

At TSFX, you will be taught by current and experienced Year 11 and 12 teachers – many of whom are authors of textbooks as well as writers and markers of the official Year 12 examinations.

However, there is little basis in choosing highly experienced/qualified teachers if they lack the knowledge/ability to relay the information and skills required to secure every possible mark in the exams.

Therefore, our teachers are not selected only on the basis of their academic merits, but also with careful consideration to their communication skills. The ultimate selection process, however, is student feedback – we only retain those teachers who have surpassed the expectations of students attending our programs.

Not only do the teachers presenting TSFX lectures possess years of experience teaching Years 11 and 12 in the top ranking schools across the state, they also have significant experience in lecturing and examination marking, and are always up to date with the changes in exam trends and marking schemes. Unlike other lecture program providers, our teachers are continually required to dissect, research, update and extend our program content and written materials so that students attending our lectures obtain the best possible instruction and resources that reflect the yearly changes in examination marking and question trends.

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