“The Trial Exam Revision Lectures” Testimonials

What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and “The Trial Exam Revision Lectures”

“I thought the lecture was very good, it helped improve my understanding of the VCE maths exam holistically and provided challenging questions. The lecturers also gave good study tips which I think will be very useful leading to the trials.” Student – Freeman Catholic College

“It was fun and good experience.” Student – St Marys Senior High School

“Great lecture, lecturers were the best out of all I attended, very beneficial.” Student – Cronulla

“I really enjoyed these trial lectures the teachers were excellent in explaining concepts and answering questions.” Student – Mercy College Chatswood

“A comprehensive lecture that really strengthened my understanding of the core topics in Chemistry.” Student – Manly Selective Campus

“Very helpful, good notes. Provided a different view to help me understand difficult concepts and build on my knowledge.” Student – Mudgee High School

“The notes were really good and helped me pick out my weaknesses.” Student – Abbotsleigh

“The lecturer was to the point and was an extremely good teacher and taught ideas that I was hesitant about or didn’t know about before hand and made it clear to me.”
Student – Blue Mountains Grammar School

“I loved the relaxed yet informative approach of this lecture, it made me aware of extra things I didn’t know of, strengthened my skills but going through past papers and he gave us great exam tips!”
Student – Randwick Girls High School

“The lecturers were fantastic, their ability to stay on topic was fantastic and kept me interested throughout.”
Student – School Name Withheld by Request

“It was a great lecture; info was awesome and very helpful.” Student – Hoxton Park High School

“Really, really good notes and very good teachers!” Student – Alstonville High

“Overall, really great! Thank you so much for having me. I hope that students continue to benefit from the TSFX holiday programs in future years as I have.”
Student – PLC

“Thank you for providing this, this has helped me.” Student – St Marys Senior High School

“The teachers were absolutely amazing. They presented relevant information in a clear and concise manner. I was unbelievably impressed at the quality and will recommend the program if the quality\ of teaching at the lectures remains to stay that way.”
Student – St. Paul’s College

“My lecturer was fantastic!!! He was really enthusiastic about the topic which I felt made the lecture much more engaging and interesting.”
Student – Hunter Valley Grammar School

“The lecture has honestly made me feel at more ease about my upcoming exams! Thank you :)
Student – Santa Sabina College

“Very impressed by lecture set out and in depth notes.” Student – Girraween High

“The lecturer was excellent and covered the work in-depth and completed it in an engaging way.”
Student – School Name Withheld

“All the lectures I attended were really good and all were very helpful! Every lecturer was also good, and all of them were nice and offered to answer any questions people had!”
Student – Chifley College Senior Campus

“I think TSFX is to be commended on the overall product as I have found the study lectures both useful and consolidated the HSC course for me.” Student – Coffs Harbour

“The teacher giving the lecture was really enthusiastic and that made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and was very motivational.”
Student – Mount St Benedict College

“The lecture was excellent, I learned a lot, and this was consolidated in the notes provided. I am so happy I came!” Student – Oakhill College

“This lecture was excellent, clearly explained how to make responses full of depth and understanding, expressing knowledge of texts provided. Allowed me to think of various ways to answer this section when confronted.”
Student – De La Salle Senior College

“I’m definitely happy going to these lectures and I will indeed inform my friends and family about them, so they can enrol into the lectures in the not too distant future. Keep up the great work.”
Student – Westfields Sports High School

“Thank you so much. The teacher was superb. Really gave me hope!”
Student – All Saints Grammar

“Great lecture! Inspirational speaker, and a comprehensive set of notes which will provide an invaluable source of information during the exam periods.”
Student – Manly Selective Campus

“Really good format. I liked how the lecturer focused on exam and revision technique rather than just give an overview of the content required for each syllabus dot point (since we already do that at school). I didn’t want somebody to go over what is in the booklet, I wanted to hear about ways to maximise marks in the limited revision time we have.”
Student – Baulkham Hills High School