HSC Exam Revision Lectures – Testimonials – HSC

What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and the “HSC Exam Revision Lectures”

“Awesome and worth the money!” Student – Arden Anglican School

“Very experienced teachers who gave me valuable information and tips.” Student – Randwick TAFE

“Highly informative and enjoyable lectures. I was provided with invaluable exam preparation techniques and tips.” Student – Brigidine College St Ives

“(The Lecturer) was absolutely phenomenal and if I had known that the lecture would run so smoothly, and with him as the lecturer, I would have referred many of my friends. It went a long way in helping me understand the course.” Student – Parramatta Marist High School

“Both the lecturers were very interesting, and I could tell they were passionate about teaching…I loved listening to them the whole three hours, it was great!” b

“Notes provided were excellent and extremely succinct.”
Student – Northern Beaches Secondary College, Manly Selective Campus

“Excellent lectures – strengthened my understanding of key concepts.” Student – Randwick TAFE

“This lecture will improve my marks out of sight! Thank you for putting on such a fantastic lecture.” Student – Mount Annan Christian College

“Both the notes and lecture were great and very detailed.” Student – Pymble Ladies’ College

“This lecture was brilliant, providing a deep understanding of the HSC syllabus, as well as a great insight into the exam, including marking guidelines from a senior marker.”
Student – Manly Selective Campus

“It was a fabulous lecture and the teacher was great. Definitely worth it.” Student – Davidson High School

“I really appreciated the knowledge of the lecturer I had and how he was willing to work through every question as a whole group which was able to enhance my knowledge of the topics. The booklets we were given will assist in my future studying.” Student – Cromer Campus

“Very well done. Felt like I was able to ask questions and that the lecturer would provide me with a more than adequate answer.” Student – Green Point Christian College

“It was really good to have a different perspective, as I learnt new concepts that were not previously covered in class and are very important for the exam. The teacher was very experienced and well informed.” Student – Mount Annan Christian College

“The TSFX lectures provide an essential pre-exam overview that is beneficial to all students.”
Student – Tara Anglican School for Girls

“This presenter was EXCEPTIONALLY OUTSTANDING. She presented invaluable advice and was dynamic and so interesting and interactive. WONDERFUL. A real boost to my confidence. THANK YOU” Student – Loreto Kirribilli

“It was great, having a lecturer who has studied over 20 years in 2 unit math really gives you an insight into the concepts you come across in mathematics.” Student – SGCS

“The content and teaching and everything was really good … It was well worth going!”
Student – Bede Polding College

“It was wonderful. :)Student – Randwick Girls’ High School

“I found the TSFX lectures I went to very helpful they gave me lots of study activities and notes to work on and consider.” Student – Mackellar Girls Campus

“Thank you Geoffrey for the very informative lecture. I really enjoyed the lecture and found it invaluable. I really liked how he highlighted the exam questions which were likely to appear in the exam.  He was very clear.” Student – SBHS

“Overall the lecture was great.” Student – Ultimo TAFE

“The teacher was great, as were the notes.” Student – All Saints Grammar

“It was a very intensive and beneficial lecture. Teachers were very helpful.”
Student – Blaxland High School

“The lecture was great!” Student – St Edward’s College

“I thought the lecture was really good and the notes are good too.” Student – St Vincent’s College

“The notes were extremely helpful.” Student – Rose Bay Secondary College

“The choice of teachers were absolutely fantastic.” Student – School Name Withheld

“Great presenter, very enthusiastic!” Student – School Name Withheld

“Notes were very helpful and teachers were great.. Thanks” Student – School Name Withheld

“Both teachers were fantastic! The focus on exam technique rather than detailed content, at this stage, was great. Thank you TSFX for providing such high quality lectures throughout the year – I know my marks will be improved because of this!” Student – St Columba’s High School

“The teacher’s enthusiasm made the course both enjoyable and engaging. Thank you!”
Student – Roseville College

“The lecturers for Biology were brilliant, especially the one in the afternoon. It didn’t feel rushed but the lecturers went through everything in quite a lot of detail, and they were engaging the whole way through. I would definitely recommend the Biology lecture to future year 12s.”
Student – St Vincent’s College

“The first guy was hilarious, making the lecture go faster than we expected!”
Student – Hunters Hill High School

“Excellent!” Student – Granville Boys High

“Damon was very knowledgeable and knew how to present the lecture appropriately. He was very clever in the way in which he conducted himself, and was extremely helpful and insightful when asking questions. I am really pleased to have undertaken this lecture.”
Student – Casimir Catholic College

“The lecturer explained things clearly. The lecturer gave us valuable tips and strategies for the exam as well as telling us the common mistakes made by students.” Student – Asquith Girls HS

“I thought it was excellent, the teacher was brilliant…Definitely worth going to the lecture.”
Student – Bankstown Grammar School

“The lecturer was very clear and easy to follow. Her method of using photos and diagrams on a PowerPoint for us to watch was extremely helpful too. The notes issued to me are fantastic and very in-depth as well. I just wish I had been to this lecture months ago! Thank you!”
Student – St Vincents College Potts Point  

”Really good, well informed teachers, I highly recommend using them again next year.”
Student – Northholm Grammar

“The notes that were hand out were excellent.” Student – St Scholastica’s College

“I wish I had them as my teachers at school!” Student – Kincumber

“I appreciate the lectures run by TSFX. They really helped me in motivating me to study because I didn’t know how much I already knew. The notes are fantastic and I hope you never stop holding these wonderful lectures! Thanks to you, I have greater confidence in earning better marks in the HSC :)Student ­– Cerdon College

“The notes that we received were above and beyond what I was expecting. I am now using them as my summary notes, leaving the summary notes that I prepared and spent hours creating as a supplementary source of information. “ Student – Merewether High School

“I have struggled with Maths the whole way through high school. The upcoming HSC maths exam is causing me great stress and nervousness. I have done everything I can to aid me in increasing my HSC marks for maths, including attending two of the TSFX programs. I will recommend these to my friends in the years below me who are having the same difficulties, because they are highly useful and have assisted me in calming my nerves.” Student – Merewether High School

“Fantastic. A+” Student – Kincumber