Specialist Mathematics

Specialist Mathematics

Specialist Mathematics

At TSFX, we offer a variety of resources to help VCE Specialist Mathematics students.

Our VCE Specialist Mathematics head start lectures and exam revision lectures at the University of Melbourne offer students the opportunity to benefit from expert instruction and advice from experienced examination markers and writers, and to learn what is required to obtain the higher subject scores.

Students attending our VCE Specialist Mathematics programs also receive a complete and thorough set of notes containing numerous applications that do not widely appear in texts and study manuals to use as their Reference Materials in the “open book” mathematics exams. These notes also include a detailed examination of common errors made by students and cover an extensive variety of exam tricks and watch-outs to ensure that valuable marks are not lost during the course of the examinations.

Those students seeking the most in-depth preparation for the examinations – nothing surpasses our Master Class tuition programs.These weekly classes are truly powerful courses for students of all academic abilities and will certainly improve VCE scores!

Students are also invited to visit our VCEedge Online resource centre to access free projects, trial exams and solutions, as well as great tips to help students prepare for the VCE Specialist Mathematics exams.

For further help in VCE Specialist Mathematics, we recommend the following resources:

VCAA Specialist Mathematics Exam Papers & Assessment Reports