HSC Resources Submission Form

Please complete the form below to submit your A and A+ resources to TSFX.

Please indicate which topic or English text(s) each resource relates to. If a resource relates to multiple topics please enter ‘Multiple Topics’.

Resources must be submitted in Word format (either .doc or .docx) and as separate files i.e. Each resource must be submitted in its own Word document.

The due date for submissions is: Monday 28th August 2017.

Accepted resources will be remunerated as follows:

Type A resources (essays based on the current English Advanced, English Standard, English Extension 1 and 2 syllabus) will be remunerated at $15 to $25 per essay. Type B resources (subjects other than the English Studies) will be entered in the draw for the $50 cash prizes. For every 10 Type B resources submitted, one $50 cash prize will be drawn. In previous years, 70% of students won a cash prize!