Periodic Payment Terms

Master Class Program Periodic Payment Plan

You have elected to pay for your  Master Class fees via a Periodic Payment Plan.

One week before each payment is due you will receive a reminder that payment will be deducted from your supplied credit card. This payment arrangement is a secure and convenient method of ensuring that payments are made on time, and that late payment charges are not incurred.

If you have any questions regarding the Periodic Payment Plan, please do not hesitate to contact our office on (03) 9663 3311 during business hours (10am – 5pm Monday to Friday).

Year 11 & 12 Master Class Payment Schedule


 Due Date


Paid Upon Enrolment


Monday 6th August 2018


Monday 20th August 2018


Monday 3rd September 2018


Monday 17th September 2018


Periodic Payment Plan – Terms of Agreement

  • By accepting the Periodic Payment Plan option, you agree to pay the amount shown in the above payment schedule and in accordance with the terms contained within this agreement. Late payments will incur a $20 late fee for each overdue instalment.
  • If you are having difficulties making payments, please speak to our administration staff to discuss alternate payment arrangements. Failure to make payments on time will result in accumulating late fees, as well as possible suspension from the course.
  • If payments fall more than 1 instalment in arrears, you will lose your periodic payment rights, and you will be required to pay the remaining course fees in full. In this instance, students will not be entitled to collect remaining course materials or attend further classes until the full course fees have been paid.
  • Periodic Payment Plan applicants are required to pay for classes that they have not attended. In the event that the applicant ceases attending classes, the balance of fees will be due within ten days.
  • In the event that a payment is not made as per the agreed schedule and/or an unpaid balance remains outstanding at the conclusion of the course, the payee shall be responsible for any bank charges, legal fees (on an indemnity basis) and/or any recovery agent’s commissions incurred in the recovery of such unpaid fees.

Periodic Payment Plan – Additional Terms

  • An administration fee of $50 is included in the initial deposit payment to establish an instalment facility. No further costs are applicable to periodic payment facilities providing that instalment payments are received on time. Late payments resulting from the nominated payment method being declined will incur late payment fees.