Meet the Presenters

Meet the Presenters – Mastering the VCE 2015

‘Mastering the VCE’ is a unique and powerful program designed to motivate, empower and organise students, and ensure they are provided with the necessary skills and information to maximise VCE marks.

Featuring a unique collection of guest speakers and elite teachers from top ranking schools in Victoria, this exclusive event is a must for all students studying Year 11 or Year 12 in 2015!

Course and Career Planning

Important Tips and Traps – Course and Career Planning for Senior Students

How prepared are you to consider your future courses and possible career options? This lecture will focus on providing some important tips in planning a successful transition from school into future careers. It will provide you with some decision making strategies, highlight the stages in career planning and offer careers advice to support your current and future choices. As well providing a  helpful guide to decision making, the session will also explore some come traps that students face in relation to course selection. While not fatal, these traps can confuse and misdirect students as they plan the next stages of their career journey. The session will be delivered by professional careers practitioners with extensive experience in course and careers counselling.

 Presenter: Bernadette Gigliotti

Bernadette Gigliotti is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Centre for Career Education (ACCE).  The ACCE is the trading name for the Career Education Association of Victoria and is a founding member of the Career Industry Council of Australia the national peak industry body for careers practitioners across the country.  Bernadette is a professional career development practitioner with over 25 year professional practice in state, catholic and independent schools.

The CEAV is the peak state based association for career practitioners in secondary schools in Victoria. The CEAV is also a founding member of CICA the national industry body. Bernadette has held the position of President, Vice President and Secretary to CICA in recent years. Her work on this committee has assisted in the introduction of Professional Standards for Australian Career Practitioners in schools and The Australian Blueprint for Career Development Competency Framework. Recently, Bernadette assisted the state Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) with the development of Study Grants for Career Practitioners in Victorian schools and was the lead developer of the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework designed
for use with young people aged 12 to 19 years. Bernadette has delivered professional development to students and teachers and has also represented career practitioners at state, national and international forums.


The Psychology of Success

Mindset and attitude towards learning are amongst the most powerful indicators of success in VCE. One misconception is that students who spend more time studying get better grades. The secret to success in VCE lies in the work strategies employed, ability to manage pressure, and one’s own motivation levels. These skills have been well researched and documented and will be detailed in this interactive lecture. The lecture includes ways to understand and improve self-motivation, strategies to study with time efficiency and effectiveness, and how manage stress and anxiety with mindfulness. This interactive lecture includes fun and interesting demonstrations of psychological concepts that will help students cultivate effective and practical skills for VCE.

Key areas covered include:

  • The psychology of motivation
  • Managing anxiety and stress through mindfulness
  • How to optimize efficient and effective study
  • Tips for success in exams
  • Self- hypnosis and how it can help
  • The importance of health and well-being

Presenter: Emma Butler

Emma Butler is a registered psychologist and has over 15 years’ experience working as a psychologist with young people and their families. Emma has worked in a range of settings such as schools, mental health services, universities, and specialist early intervention services. Her work has focused on the developmental ages from 2 through to 25 years.

Emma is a full member of the peak organization, the Australian Psychological Society (APS), which requires 6 years of full time academic and practical training in psychology. Emma completed the Masters of Educational and Developmental Psychology at Monash University in 1999. At present, she is graduating from a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Swinburne University.

Emma is the mother of two and currently works in part time private practice. Emma has a special interest in empowering students with psychological strategies to maximize their performance in VCE.



The UMAT is one of three criteria students need to satisfy if they wish to secure a position in a high demand health science course such as Medicine. In most universities, the UMAT is weighted about one third of the final marks used to rank applicants.

  • Why is the UMAT important?
  • Why is the UMAT used for selection?
  • What type of questions are asked in the UMAT?
  • Is it necessary to prepare for the UMAT?
  • What strategies can I use to solve UMAT-type questions?
  • What are the pathways to get into Medicine or Dentistry?
  • What if I don’t do well in the UMAT?
  • What types of questions are asked in interviews?
  • What happens after graduation?
  • What is the career of a doctor like?

This interactive lecture will answer all your questions about getting into a medical degree and the medical profession from a holistic perspective. Students will also receive advance exposure to the types of questions that appear in the UMAT and exclusive advice regarding how best to prepare for this important assessment.

MedEntry is the only UMAT preparation course run by academics, doctors, health science students and professionals with experience and expertise in test development, measurement and analysis.


Ms.Cindy Bao
MedEntry Public Relations Officer


Advanced Study Skills Lecture

During the course of this program, students will learn vital strategies that will maximise learning and cut down on study time. Students will also gain exclusive advice and instruction in the following key topics:

  • The 7 secrets to VCE success.
  • Key strategies used by past students to excel in the VCE.
  • The most effective and time-saving learning techniques.
  • Keeping learned materials in memory for longer periods.
  • Getting the most out of classes at school.
  • Stress management and effective procrastination remedies.

Many of the skills and techniques that will be addressed have been proven to cut down on study time and markedly improve VCE marks, but are not known (or practised) by the majority of students. Detailed notes will be provided to students on the day.

Presenter: Irena Jaskula

Strategic Learning Specialist, Author, Speaker & Teacher


Excelling in SACs and Exams

Examinations are a great source of stress for most students, but it doesn’t need to be this way! With a little organisation and a solid study plan, students can greatly reduce stress, cut down on how much time they spend studying and markedly improve
examination marks!

During the course of this lecture, students will receive advice and instruction in the following important topics:

  • Exam myths and realities.
  • The biggest mistakes made by students when preparing for the exams.
  • Strategies that can be implemented now, so as to reduce stress and workloads in the challenging weeks leading up to the exams.
  • Maximising cognitive (brain) function.
  • Exercises designed to increase writing speed in tests and exams.
  • Preparing comprehensive exam study notes in the fastest possible time.
  • The smartest way to work through past exam papers.
  • Juggling the demands of SACs and exam preparation successfully.

Students will also obtain exclusive advice from past students who obtained 99+ ATAR scores.

Presenter: Irena Jaskula

Strategic Learning Specialist, Author, Speaker & Teacher


Specialised Subject Lectures

Our “Master Classes” are specialised weekly tuition programs designed to ensure that students reach their full potential, be that a two grade improvement or the elite A and A+ scores. These exclusive classes incorporate the content and teaching philosophies of many of the top schools in Victoria, ensuring that students are prepared to a standard that is seldom achieved by only attending school.

Our “Specialised Subject Lectures” offer students the opportunity to experience the “Master Class” program and benefit from an in-depth coverage of select topics that will form an important component of the examinations. Students will derive immeasurable benefit from the advice, experience and perspectives from select teachers and VCE exam markers from top ranking schools across the state, giving that added advantage in the VCE.

The following topics will also be addressed:

  • An evaluation of the 2014 VCAA exams and what to expect this year.
  • Planning for the year ahead – what to expect, challenges to watch out for and how to prepare for (and conquer) these.
  • How to maximise SAC and examination marks in the subject lecture you are attending.
  • What teachers and VCAA exam markers expect from those students striving for the above average scores.
  • Common mistakes made by past VCE students (and how to avoid these).
  • Key skills required to out-perform your subject peers.

Presenters: Various TSFX Teachers