Master Classes (Unit 1 & 3)

Master Classes (Unit 1 & 3)

The TSFX “Master Classes” offer students the ultimate learning experience and the most in-depth preparation for the examinations.

These weekly classes offer between 24 and 40 hours of intense tuition in each subject, and are specifically designed to decrease stress levels and work-loads, as well as ensure that students reach their highest level of academic potential – be that a two grade improvement or the elite A and A+ scores!

Our weekly classes review and then extend on the knowledge taught at schools, exposing students to an extensive collection of questions (many of which are not typically accessible to students), as well as frequently overlooked tricks and traps that could appear in the examinations.

By attending classes on a weekly basis, students are also afforded the opportunity to regularly review difficult concepts, build on applications, and systematically prepare for the challenging analysis-style questions. Furthermore, such regular reviews enable students to commit knowledge to memory progressively throughout the year, decreasing study commitments and stress levels before the examinations. Regularly reviewing and extending on taught materials, as well as the additional exposure to questions and examination tricks creates immeasurable benefits and helps students develop that critical advantage over their peers.

Classes are held in a relaxed, motivating and friendly environment, where teachers work to the pace and requirements of their students. And if this means that we cannot complete prescribed materials within the allocated time, additional classes are scheduled free of charge! These weekly classes are truly powerful courses for students of all academic abilities and will certainly improve VCE scores!


Subjects Available:

Year 12: Biology, Chemistry, EAL, English, Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Physics,Psychology, Specialist Mathematics

Year 11: Chemistry, EAL, English, Mathematical Methods, Physics

Dates: Classes commence on Tuesday 10 March 2015.

Venue: The School For Excellence (Collins Street Melbourne).


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