“Mastering the Exams” Testimonials – HSC

What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and “Mastering the Exams”

“Absolutely the best exam prep lecture I’ve ever attended. I’ve attended heaps of exam prep lectures and none of them are half as effective as this.” Student – Patrician Brothers College

“Very worthwhile. The teacher was so engaging it was amazing!” Student Name Withheld – Gosford

“It was the best lecture I’ve ever been to.” Student Name Withheld – Mosman

“I absolutely loved this lecture – the information was great, I had no idea about most of things mentioned and I definitely learnt a lot as a result. The teacher was amazing, I would love to consider tutoring with her. Thankyou for this experience, I will bring this back to my school and suggest it to others because I feel as though I have a massive advantage over everyone now :)
Student – PLC Sydney

“Irena was easy to listen to and the lecture was highly informative. I have recommended TSFX lectures to all my friends, and I’ve only been to one!” Student – Toongabbie Christian School

“Thank you so much for putting this program on. I found it a very interesting lecture, and I learnt many new skills and techniques that I hope will benefit me as I complete my HSC this year :)
Student Name Withheld – De La Salle Senior College

“Thanks for the opportunity, it was a great experience!” Student – Macquarie Fields High School

“The most useful and informative lecture I have ever attended. Great notes coupled with a fantastic and engaging teacher to explain/add to them. Has been so helpful.” Student – Tempe High School

“It was a very helpful lecture and I would be more than happy to attend again. The information provided was presented in a clear and intriguing manner and the lecturer was very interesting.” Student – Freeman Catholic College

“Was brilliant, learnt so much new info, will recommend to my friends for the future :)
Student Name Withheld – Bethany College

“It was a wonderful lecture, and I really enjoyed it.  I will definitely be putting into action what she told us, and I cannot wait to see my results shoot up and pass other people’s, because they are just writing notes for their studying.  Thank you so much. :)Student – Chifley College Senior Campus

“It was an excellent lecture, and I found that it was very worthwhile. I personally learnt a lot!”
Student Name Withheld – McAuley Catholic College

“I think that all students who are aiming for an ATAR mark should attend this program, as it certainly has changed my views on studying and the techniques I will use. This lecture has benefited me and will hopefully improve my overall score in my HSC.” Student – Moss Vale High School

“I really enjoyed this lecture. I gained so much knowledge from it that I have been passing to my friends and family that have also been benefiting. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I recommend you regularly do lectures like these in future years with that teacher because they’re really beneficial.” Student – Beverly Hills Girls High School

“She was really engaging and funny and really knew her stuff.”
Student Name Withheld – Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College

“It was fun and very useful!” Student – Canley Vale High School

“I thought this exercise was so beneficial for me and I was genuinely interested in what the teacher had to say. Fabulous.” Student – Monte Sant Angelo Mercy College

“Thank you for the lecture, I’m so glad to have attended.” Student – St Marys Senior High School

“This lecture was very in depth and informative. It also provided me with different study techniques.” Student – Trinity Catholic College

“I really appreciated the lecture, and learnt so much! My lecturer had prepared a great session. I wish I went to this lecture a year ago! I have recommended it to all my friends in the lower years! Thank you!” Student – Mackellar Girls Campus

“I hope you continue doing these lectures for many years to come as I found them to be helpful and I’m sure other people doing the HSC will find them just as helpful in the future.”
Student – Cerdon College

“I came down from the coast and it took me all day to get there and home again, but it was invaluable.” Student – Wadalba Community School

“The lecture was very useful and I am so glad and grateful that I attended it. It was the best thing I have ever attended and I know 100% that because of it my marks are going to improve greatly. I just would like to thank the teacher as she was very helpful and a wonderful person thankyou once again.” Student – Our Lady of Lebanon College

“I would like to say that the teacher who took the lecture talking through tips and strategies are really surprising that I never knew that what my study pattern was ineffective towards getting a higher mark. The booklet given to read through at home is much more helpful than taking notes when the lecturer is talking. That’s a good way of organising booklets for me to keep and notes have already been made for you. Thank you for providing booklets and this wonderful lecture.”
Student – Arthur Phillip High School

“I learnt so much! Particularly a lot of strategies I would never have thought of before. :) I came home to tell my parents all I learnt and was really excited! (true story) Thank you again! And the lecture teacher was really really great! :)Student – Oakhill College

“Wonderful lecture! Really assisted me, and provided me with some great tips and strategies on how to study, relax and prepare for all of my exams.”  Student – St Vincent’s College

“The teacher provided was witty, concise and very sweet! She completely rid the air of any uneasiness and nervousness, her personality was able to engage the audience on a personal and conversational level which only improved the great program in its entirety! The program identified so many problems that I myself would have encountered, but now equipped can counterattack to maximise my study time and in essence my HSC results, thank you sincerely.”
Student – Our Lady of Lebanon College

“The lecture was great and interesting as well. I learned ways of learning I’d never thought of before. Thank you to TSFX and Irena Jaskula, it was enjoyable.” Student – Beverly Hills Girls’ High School

“The teacher we had was excellent, I wish she was my teacher at school. She really opened my eyes to how much time, as students, we waste writing notes when, our time could be applied elsewhere and benefit me. Thank you so much for the opportunity, I told my friends how much they missed out on. :) Student – MacKillop Catholic College Warnervale

“The session was incredibly useful, and I am glad to have attended. I feel that my marks will definitely improve as a result of attending, and my study and exam techniques will improve in the weeks leading up to my trial exams, and in the months leading up to my HSC :)
Student – Smith’s Hill High School

“The teacher was fantastic. The lecture was great and had some good points for my exams.”
Student – The Kings School