“Summer School” Testimonials

What Have Past Students Said About TSFX and Summer School

“Excellent!” Student – PLC Sydney

“Very worthwhile.” Student – MLC Sydney

“Excellent teacher. Engaging. Great material.” Student – Hornsby Girls High School

“Great teachers! Great course! Excellent lecture!  It was so beneficial!”
Student – Chatham High School

“This was an absolutely amazing course to take! I’m so glad I did it.”
Student – Richmond High School

“It was fantastic! I found it very useful and effective.” Student – Abbotsleigh

“Excellent tuition. I learned so much in these lectures.” Student – Granville Boys High School

“Great teacher with great explanations. Well worth the money!” Student – Gosford Selective High School

“Overall, fantastic lecture and great time saving notes.” Student Name Withheld

“The lecture was superb.” Student – Baulkham Hills High School

“Very informative and defiantly a helpful three days! Money well spent!!” Student – Rouse Hill Anglican College

“Probably one of the most beneficial lectures I have sat through.” Student – Aquinas College

“I found the quality of the notes in this lecture, and every lecture that I attended at TSFX to be absolutely superb.” Student – Baulkham Hills High School

“This was a very fantastic lecture! The lecturer was intriguing and enthusiastic and made the lecture enjoyable.” Student – Chifley College

“This lecture was brilliant, providing a deep understanding of the HSC syllabus, as well as a great insight into the exam including making guidelines from a senior marker.” Student – Manly Selective Campus

“Overall fantastic lectures, great time saving notes.” Student – Black Wattle Bay Sydney Secondary College

“Great notes and awesome lecturer.” Student – Northlakes High School

“TSFX is definitely better than going to a tutor; you get everything you need to know in three simple booklets that’ll save you hours of studying.” Student – Manly Selective Campus

“Excellent lecture! It really discussed and explained concepts and ideas that I hadn’t looked at before.” Student – Chatham High School

“The teacher was brilliant! Time flew a lot faster than I had anticipated and the number of tips the lecturer gave us were invaluable. Thank you for the lovely experience.” Student – St Ursula’s College

“Very happy. The teacher was terrific, just opened up doors previously closed.” Student – Parramatta

“The lecturers were extremely helpful and the notes a great tool for studying.” Student – Northlakes High School

“Very helpful and informative.” Student – Burwood Girls

“A very helpful and insightful course!” Student – Hornsby Girls’ High School

“Very eye opening experience.” Student – Tangara

“This lecture was such an eye opening experience. I was so bad at English Advanced in year 11, I actually failed. It probably seems like I should have gone to Standard but my English teacher thought I had potential. It wasn’t until after this lecture that I truly agree with her. The essay writing skills lecture has given me so much confidence in myself. I actually couldn’t wait to go home and write! Something I hated doing because it seemed so complicated to me has become something I now enjoy. I can’t wait for my teacher to see my improvement! THANK YOU TSFX!” Student – Caroline Chisholm College

“I found it really helpful and was amazed at the amount of material which I had previously found difficult, which suddenly became clearer and more approachable. The lecturers were exceptional, working with a wide range of students and still catering for most people’s abilities and needs.” Student – Covenant Christian School

“These lectures were definitely worth the money (and two hour train trip!).  Everything was covered in detail and the teachers were great.  Attending TSFX has given me confidence and motivation for the HSC.” Student – St. Columba’s High School, Springwood

“It was really worth it!” Student – Penrith High School

“The lecturer was absolutely fantastic and she made the content easy to understand and actually enjoyable, which can be hard to do. I feel a lot more prepared now and will definitely be returning for the July lectures.” Student – South Grafton High School

“This was a fantastic course, and I found it extremely helpful. I’d been struggling to grasp some concepts that we had covered in class, and had generally been having a bit of trouble in chemistry. Thanks to this course, I now have a more solid understanding of what we’ve covered and feel much more confident about my abilities and knowledge.” Student – Pymble Ladies’ College

“Really good lecture. Loved the teacher’s passion for the subject. Notes were great. Feel really good about what was covered, thus giving me a more competitive edge.” Student – Nagle College

“Highly informative and enjoyable lectures. I was provided with invaluable exam preparation techniques and tips. Will definitely attend TSFX lectures in the next year.” Student – Brigidine College

“Excellent presentation. Lecturer was motivational and gave us a good overview of topic along with excellent notes. I really enjoyed the lecture and it gave me a good overall perspective on the topic.” Student – St Vincent’s

“Notes provided were excellent and extremely succinct.” Student – Manly Selective Campus

“Covered all new topics which will save concept-grasping time back at school.” Student – Hunter Sports High School

“I believe that the lecture was well done and put aspects of the course which I previously struggled with into perspective.” Student – St Mary’s Senior High School

“The lectures were very helpful and covered a lot of content which is going to help me excel in the upcoming term and overall in the HSC.” Student – Holy Spirit College

“This lecture was extremely beneficial and informative. The lecturer was very enthusiastic and passionate about the subject which he sustained for the duration of the lecture. His in depth knowledge and the form of the presentation was excellent and kept everyone interested. Even though I haven’t yet covered the topic I feel I have a great head start as well as tips for the overall course.” Student – St Clare’s

“I found this lecture extremely good. The lecturer was really good and kept us captivated throughout the whole time. The notes were very comprehensive.” Student – Baulkham Hills High School

“I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture, many issues and skills relating to the HSC and preparation that I was not previously aware of were raised. The enthusiasm of the lecturer was a bonus.” Student – St Paul’s High School

“Great teacher choice!” Student – St George Girls High School

“Overall, I am very pleased I attended these lectures, and believed them to be well worth the 6 or so hour drive. It was of great benefit, and will unquestionably provide me an advantage in terms of preparation for the year ahead. A very well organised and structured program.” Student – New England Girl’s School

“The choice of teachers was excellent. I left the lecture feeling really confident and encouraged, with the work being explained very clearly through the sessions. It was definitely worth it, and I will most likely attend future TSFX HSC Lectures.” Student – Covenant Christian School

“I found this lecture extremely good. The lecturer was really good and kept us captivated throughout the whole time. The notes were very comprehensive.” Student – Baulkham Hills High School

“Lecturers were excellent!” Student – Moama Anglican Grammar School

“The lecturers were very helpful and covered a lot of content which is going to help excel in the upcoming term and overall in the HSC.” Student – Holy Spirit College

“The lecture was very helpful and way to understand, I found I benefited from it greatly.” Student – The Kings School

“The lectures were well worth it, I enjoyed every minute and they helped me understand everything I needed help with.” Student – Manly Selective Campus

“Being taught by a lecturer who was obviously an experienced teacher was great and the knowledge she provided me with, particularly about the HSC is invaluable and I was extremely happy that I received the highest quality of teaching through the TSFX lectures. Thank you for providing this.” Student – Freeman Catholic College

“This lecture was great!  It covered the topic in great detail and we received so many notes.  I would definitely recommend it to future students.” Student – St. Columba’s High School

“The lecturer was superb. She was clear and dedicated. Overall it was great lecture where I gained a lot and enjoyed as well.” Student – Randwick Girls High School

“The teacher was excellent! She made the topics, which are sometimes quite long, really exciting. I have learnt many new concepts and tips for the HSC from this lecture. Really beneficial.” Student – Stella Maris College

“Great lectures that were highly informative and useful for the coming terms of study. Opened a few windows of understanding.” Student – Christian Brothers’ High School

“I thought and think the TSFX Program is excellent, such an amazing opportunity to be able to attend!” Student – Chatham High School

“Extremely beneficial. Great notes! Very much appreciated.” Student – Aquinas College

“The biology lectures I attended where fantastic. Not only was I provided with excellent notes, but I was able to revise work that I had already studied and class, and I was also able to learn a new topic which my class had not yet started. The teachers were fantastic in providing myself and other attendees of this lecture, great tips to help maximise our HSC results.” Student – St Patricks College

“Although most of the concepts were new the teacher explained them in such a simple yet concise manner. This lecture has really boosted my confidence for when I am introduced to the topics at school.” Student – Penrith High School

“Excellent presentation, choice of teacher, entertaining, concise and efficient. Most importantly, kept me interested and attentive. 5 stars!” Student – Patrician Brothers

“Fantastic lecture! Fantastic Lecturer!” Student – Freeman Catholic College

“I was very pleased with the number of topics covered and quality of the teaching and notes.” Student – Hornsby Girls’ High School

“It was definitely a rewarding experience. I learnt a lot that I didn’t know and I have new confidence in the subject. Especially since it has never been my best subject!!” Student – Karabar High School