How Will Summer School Benefit Me?

How Will Summer School Benefit Me?

  • You will obtain a vital head-start into the new year’s curriculum, and out-perform your peers in tests, assignments and examinations.
  • You will save significant amounts of study time. What can take a few hours for students to revise or learn can take an experienced teacher only minutes to explain!
  • You will reduce the time spent preparing for tests and examinations. Research shows that those students who engage in advance preparation remember up to five times more than their peers when materials are covered at school, decreasing study commitments and stress levels throughout the school year.
  • You will learn skills and examination techniques that will improve your performance in ALL subject areas, and gain exposure to possible examination questions and materials that students often do not have access to.
  •  You will become alerted to possible problem areas so that action can be taken in advance.
  •  You will dramatically reduce stress levels during the semester, and find more time for leisure activities!
  • You will have an invaluable set of HSC study notes.
  •  You will greatly improve your confidence levels and HSC marks!

Students who have attended past lectures have also reported that they learned significantly more during our lectures than they would have at home. Extensive research in the disciplines of learning reveals that comprehension and knowledge retention rates are increased up to 5 fold when content is delivered in audio form – as in the case of lectures and tutorials!

“The 600 km travelled and money spent was most definitely worth it. I’d do it again any day.”

“TSFX has really boosted my confidence in class and now I’m really enjoying school.”