The Essentials Final Exam Revision Notes

The Essentials Final Exam Revision Notes

The Essentials Final Exam Revision Notes

After significant student demand, we are now, for a limited time only, providing students the opportunity to purchase our widely renowned, highly regarded exam revision notes for sale.

If you would like to purchase a detailed, comprehensive set of notes that cover everything you need to learn to an A+ standard, complete the order form below.

Sale ends November 30th 2017 or until stocks last!

Note: At this late stage of the year, students should not be wasting valuable time writing notes. It is the actual learning and practising of questions that has the biggest impact on examination marks – not writing and/or re-writing notes and summaries. So if you don’t have a thorough set of notes from which to learn, we strongly recommend you purchase our VCE Exam Revision Lecture notes.


  • Includes only what VCAA wants you to know.
  • Written in student-friendly language.
  • Includes at least one example of the most likely questions that will appear in your exams.
  • Includes materials that aren’t specifically listed in the study design but can (and often do) appear as application-style questions.
  • Authors have integrated concepts and applications from the most popular VCE texts used by schools.
  • Written by the people who know the exams best – the exam markers!

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Feedback from Students

“Absolutely excellent notes. It was worth attending solely for the notes. I didn’t have to do any summaries as the notes were so thorough.” Student – Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC)

“The School For Excellence provides excellent and thorough notes, and covers all aspects of a course – including exam traps not taught at school.” Student – Camberwell Grammar School

“Very, very fantastic. Extremely helpful. The notes will easily half my study time, and double my chances of getting a great score. Thanks so much!!” Student – St. Patrick’s College