English/EAL Workshops – Context Workshops (Creating & Presenting)

Context Workshops (Creating & Presenting)

During our Context Workshops, we will explore key passages from prescribed texts and analyse the critical ideas and arguments connected to the selected Context. Students will explore the relationship between purpose, form, audience and language, and examine the choices made by authors in order to construct meaning. Students will then be shown how to draw on the ideas and/or arguments they have been exposed to, to construct their own texts. Emphasis will be placed on interpreting prompts, engaging the intended audience and how to use a text as a basis for writing pieces using expository, persuasive, imaginative and hybrid styles.

Students will also be given the opportunity to submit an essay for marking by an experienced VCAA English exam marker (additional charges apply).

Focus will be Placed on the Development of the Following Key Skills:

  • Analysing the relationship between purpose, form and audience in a range of text types, with
  • close attention to authors’ choices of structures and features.
  • Selecting and shaping information, ideas and arguments appropriate to the chosen form,
  • audience, purpose and context.
  • Drawing on ideas and/or arguments presented in selected text/s.
  • Using appropriate strategies to review and edit texts for fluency and coherence.
  • Using appropriate metalanguage to discuss and analyse their own and others’ authorial choices.

Course Duration: 9 hours (3 X 3 hour sessions)
Course Fees: $295
Dates: Term 1 and 2 school holidays as well as after school hours in Term 3
Class Sizes: 15 – 20 students
Venue: 477 Collins Street Melbourne