Winter School

Winter School

Winter School

Saturday 29 June – Sunday 14 July 2019

The winter break gives students the opportunity to get ahead in a time-efficient and relatively painless manner and revise Unit 3 course materials to VCAA examination standard.


Winter School – Unit 2 & Unit 4 Head Start Lectures

Get Ahead, Reduce Stress & Improve VCE Marks

When you attend our “Head Start” lectures:

 Here are some other benefits of attending our “Head Start” lectures:


Winter School – Unit 3 Exam Revision Lectures 

Consolidate, Revise & Extend

The VCAA exams that commence in October will assess an entire year’s work, and count for up to two-thirds of each subject’s Study Score. The amount of material that needs to be committed to memory is substantial, resulting in high levels of stress and study in the challenging months leading up to the final VCE exams.

Students can save significant amounts of stress and time by revising and extending on the Unit 3 course to VCE examination standard, while course materials are still fresh in mind. Our “Winter School – Unit 3 Exam Revision” lectures have been designed with this purpose in mind, and to provide students, like you, with the skills and information needed to perform to a high standard in the VCAA exams.

When you attend our “Unit 3 Exam Revision” lectures you will:

So maximise your holidays and save hundreds of hours in study time with the TSFX Head Start lectures!

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Subjects Offered:

Year 12:

Accounting, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Economics, English, Further Mathematics, Health & Human Development, Legal Studies, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Specialist Mathematics

Year 11:

Chemistry, English, Mathematical Methods


Saturday 29 June - Sunday 14 July 2019


The University of Melbourne (Parkville)