VCE Exam Revision Lectures

VCE Exam Revision Lectures

VCE Exam Revision Lectures

Students can save significant amounts of stress and time before their exams by having an experienced VCE teacher guide them through the revision process. Our ‘VCE Exam Revision Lectures’ have been designed with this purpose in mind, and to give students the skills and information they’ll need to perform to the highest possible standard in their final exams.

A+ Notes Elite VCE TeachersMaximise VCE MarksSave Time
Our students receive the
most comprehensive
notes available to students
saving them
countless hours
in study time!
To give you the best
chance of success, we
use qualified VCE teachers
and exam assessors (not
unqualified university
TSFX offers a proven
track history of unrivalled
ATAR success. We get
results & can make
a significant difference
to your final marks.
What can take a few
hours for you to
revise or learn can
take an experienced
teacher only minutes
to explain!



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VCE Exam Revision Lectures

Revise & Extend. Reduce Stress. Maximise Exam Marks.

Dates: Saturday 21 September – Saturday 5 October 2019
Venue: The University of Melbourne

When Attending our ‘VCE Exam Revision Lectures’

Benefits of Attending


Why Should I Attend?


You will be taught by and receive up to date advice from official exam assessors (the focus of the exams and the marking schemes change on a regular basis). Assessors have access to important information that many teachers aren’t aware of, and which can make a significant difference to your ATAR result.

Knowing how the exam marking system works also gives assessors the ability to guide you through the exam preparation process in the quickest and most effective way. You’ll spend your time revising what really matters, and you can’t get that kind of guidance from recent high school graduates who have no teaching experience, and who don’t have access to the detailed insights our teachers provide.

The world’s leading educational specialists agree that lectures are the fastest and most effective way to revise and consolidate large amounts of information in a short time frame. Not only is it much faster to have an experienced teacher take you through the revision process, using audio and visual delivery processes enables you to work through and remember 5 times more information than if you were to work through the same materials on your own.

TSFX is highly regarded for the quality of our program materials – our students receive the most comprehensive and detailed exam preparation notes available that include every key concept that could be examined.

You will learn how examination papers are marked, how answers must be presented if they are to be awarded full scores, why common responses do not earn marks and how to minimise mistakes in the exams. The majority of class time is spent working through examination-style questions, as well as those questions that will serve to differentiate between the A/A+ and B grade scores.

You will gain thorough exposure to the questions and tricks that could appear in the exams. (Students regularly comment that many of the questions they cover during our programs appear in the actual exams!)

You will correct problem areas and to hear information from a different perspective – improving the quality of exam responses and how well information can be applied in unfamiliar applications.

  • Get the Edge

You will strengthen, consolidate and extend on the materials covered at school, and develop an added advantage over your state-wide peers.

  • Reduce Stress

You will dramatically reduce stress levels during the semester and find more time for leisure activities.

  • Minimise Procrastination

You will minimise procrastination opportunities and ensure you get the most from your study sessions.

  • Maximise VCE Marks

You will greatly improve your confidence levels and maximise Year 11 and 12 marks!



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