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Mastering the VCE

“Mastering the VCE” is an annual fundraising event designed to raise much needed funds for The Fred Hollows Foundation, and to provide students with the skills and information they need to maximise VCE marks. Featuring a unique range of guest speakers and VCE exam markers, this exclusive event is a must for students studying Year 11 or Year 12 in 2019!

Don’t Miss Out on the Following FREE* Lectures & Notes:

  • Specialised Subject Lectures

Benefit from in-depth subject specific advice from select VCE teachers (and exam markers) from top ranking schools in Victoria.

Work through a key topic that will form an important component of the examinations and gain advance exposure to potential sources of errors as well as the tricks and traps that could appear in the exams.

  • Excelling in SACs & Exams

Discover the biggest mistakes made by students when preparing for tests and examinations as well as strategies that can be implemented now, so as to reduce stress and workloads in the challenging weeks leading up to the exams.

  • Playing the ATAR Game

If you know where to look, you can find many opportunities to take advantage of to improve your VCE marks. Join our ATAR experts and explore some of the more contentious issues surrounding the ATAR and the VCE.

  • The UMAT

This interactive lecture will answer all your questions about getting into a medical degree and the medical profession from a holistic perspective. Students will also receive advance exposure to the types of questions that appear in the UMAT and exclusive advice regarding how to best prepare for this important assessment. This session is run exclusively for TSFX by MedEntry.

  • Advanced Time Management Skills Lecture

Learn how to get the most from your day and how to work smarter, not harder. This valuable lecture will reveal powerful and effective time management strategies that are guaranteed to reduce stress levels and study loads.

  • Mathematical Methods Exam 2

This lecture is designed to provide students with advance advice regarding how to best prepare for the challenging open book examination. You will learn the skills required to address the multiple choice, short answer and analysis-style questions and obtain proven advice on how you should orientate your efforts so as to secure every possible mark in the examinations.

  • Writing A+ Prac Reports (Biology and Chemistry)

This lecture will set out systematic strategies that may be applied to produce insightful, well-structured reports. Each of the necessary skills will be reinforced using examples from average and A+ samples.

  • Delivering A+ English Oral Presentations

This lecture is designed to provide students with the skills and information required to prepare and deliver effective oral presentations.

Valued at over $250 “Mastering the VCE” is FREE OF CHARGE*. Students attending this program are, however, required to make a *minimum $10 donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation representatives on the day.

To date, TSFX lectures have raised over $350,000 for charity!

TSFX’s fundraising success is thanks to the support and contributions from the students who have attended our fundraising lecture series over the years.

100% of the donations collected at our fundraising lectures are donated to charity. The costs of these programs are subsidised in full by TSFX.

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Registrations for this program will commence January 2019.

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Subjects Offered:

Year 12:

Biology, Chemistry, English, Further Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Psychology, Specialist Mathematics

Year 11:

Chemistry, English, Mathematical Methods


February 2019


The University of Melbourne (Parkville)