Master Classes (Unit 2 & 4)

The Master Classes are specialised courses that are designed to help students reach their full potential, be that a two grade improvement or the elite A and A+ scores.

These unique classes build on the teaching that takes place in schools, giving students the opportunity to regularly revise difficult concepts, build on problem-solving skills and systematically prepare for the challenging application-style questions that appear in the exams.

This program also exposes students to valuable advice and instruction from VCE exam markers,   ensuring that students are afforded every opportunity of securing every possible mark in their exams. Students attend these group tutorial classes on a fortnightly basis, and will particularly benefit those students who wish to:

  • Complete the majority of their exam preparations as early as possible, reducing stress levels and study-loads in the challenging weeks before examinations.
  • Correct problem areas and extend on the materials covered at school.
  • Gain wider exposure to highly probable examination questions.
  • Master examination tricks/skills and learn how to avoid potential sources of error.
  • Keep learned materials fresh in mind, rather than wasting valuable time re-learning the same topics before the exams.
  • Acquire a thorough and trustworthy set of A+ notes.
  • Cut down on study time (you will learn 5 times more in our Master Classes than if you were to work through the same materials on your own).
  • Develop a strong advantage over their state-wide peers.

Our Master Classes are suitable for students of all academic abilities, and will certainly improve VCE marks!

Our 2015 Master Class Student Results

Our Average ATAR in 2015 = 93.56
Our Median ATAR in 2015 = 96.85

77.8% of our students obtained an ATAR of 90 or above!
16.7% of our students obtained an ATAR between 80 and 90
5.5% of our students obtained an ATAR below 80


Past Student Testimonials
Why Do Students Attend Our “Master Classes”?

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Subjects Offered:

Year 12:

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematical Methods, Physics, Psychology, Specialist Mathematics

Year 11:

Chemistry, Mathematical Methods


Classes commence from Saturday 20 August 2016.


Victoria University (Flinders Street Campus)