VCE Essentials – Final Exam Revision Lectures

Students can save significant amounts of stress and time before their exams by having an experienced VCE teacher guide them through the revision process. Our ‘VCE Essentials’ lectures have been designed with this purpose in mind, and to give students the skills and information they’ll need to perform to the highest possible standard in their final exams.

Each lecture will review and then extend on the topics covered at school, exposing students to frequently overlooked questions as well as tricks and traps that could appear in the exams. They will also learn how examination papers are marked and how answers must be presented if they are to be awarded full scores. Emphasis will be placed on the more challenging concepts, as well as the sections that have been poorly addressed in past VCE examinations.

To ensure that students receive every possible advantage in their exams, our ‘VCE Essentials’ lectures are being prepared and delivered by highly qualified, practising VCE teachers and official VCE exam markers (not university students); individuals who have the knowledge and experience to demonstrate how students can achieve the higher ATAR results.

Detailed A+ course notes will be provided for each subject.

 Course Features (All Subjects):

  • Revise in a fast and effective step-by-step manner.
  • Detailed and comprehensive lectures designed to maximise VCE marks.
  • Cover the more difficult concepts within a subject (and not just revise the basic principles).
  • Clarify common misconceptions that result in the loss of valuable marks in the exams.
  • Work through a large, unique collection of potential exam questions.
  • Learn how to interpret and dissect analysis-style questions.
  • Master important problem-solving strategies and application skills.
  • Learn how marks are awarded in the exams and the level of detail required to obtain full marks.
  • Develop subject specific strategies that will help you manage your time more effectively, so you can complete examination papers within the available time.
  • Hear information from a different perspective and develop a deeper understanding of course materials, and how information will be applied in the exams.

Registrations for this program will commence in August 2018.


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Subjects Offered:

Year 12:

Accounting, Biology, Business Management, Chemistry, Economics, English, English Language, Further Mathematics, Health & Human Development, Legal Studies, Literature, Mathematical Methods, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology, Specialist Mathematics

Year 11:

This program is not available in Year 11 subjects.


September - October 2018


The University of Melbourne