Advanced Study Skills Lecture

Advanced Study Skills Lecture

Advanced Study Skills Lecture – Valued at $150 FREE*!

January 2019

This unique lecture is designed to motivate, empower and organise students, and ensure they have the skills and information that will be required to maximise VCE marks. Students will also receive exclusive advice and instruction in the following key topics:

Many of the skills and techniques that will be addressed have been proven to cut down on study time and markedly improve VCE marks, but are not known (or practised) by the majority of students. Detailed notes will be provided to students on the day.

Valued at $150, this exclusive lecture is FREE when you make a $10 donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation on the day of the lecture.

Total Donated to Charity to Date:  $368,077.25

TSFX’s fundraising success is thanks to the support and contributions from the students who have attended our fundraising lecture series over the years.

100% of the donations collected at our fundraising lectures have been donated to charity.

The full costs relating to this program have been covered by TSFX.


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Subjects Offered:

Year 12:

This program is not available in Year 12 subjects.

Year 11:

This program is not available in Year 11 subjects.


January 2019


The University of Melbourne