Year 11 Summer School

Year 11 – A Critical Year

Although Year 11 subjects do not directly contribute to the ATAR issued to students upon completion of their secondary studies, academic performance across Year 11 is used to determine which subjects each student is allowed to study in Year 12.

In addition, Year 11 coursework materials form the building blocks for Year 12 studies, meaning that students must possess a solid understanding of Year 11 concepts if they are aiming for higher marks in their final school year. Students who neglect their Year 11 studies are not only compromising their performance in Year 11 assessments, they are also affecting how well they will perform the following year. Many Year 11 students, however, dedicate the minimum amount of time and effort to study, believing there will be sufficient opportunities to do so in Year 12. These students typically enter their final school year lacking strong foundations in Year 11 concepts, finding it difficult to cope with HSC course materials and underperforming in assessments and examinations.

During our “Summer School” lectures, you will cover the first half of the preliminary HSC course to an A+ standard, gain exposure to examination style questions and begin developing the problem-solving skills that are required to secure those higher subject marks. You will also receive valuable advice and instruction from some of the most prominent and successful teachers across the state, giving you a further edge in the HSC.

Detailed A+ course notes will be provided in each subject.

Advanced Study Skills Lecture – Valued at $150 FREE!

This unique lecture is designed to motivate, empower and organise students, and ensure they have the skills and information that will be required to maximise HSC marks.

Students will also receive exclusive advice and instruction in the following key topics:

  • The 7 secrets to HSC success.
  • Key strategies used by past students to excel in the HSC.
  • The most effective and time-saving learning and revision techniques.
  • Keeping learned materials in memory for longer periods of time.
  • Getting the most out of classes at school.
  • Motivation, managing stress and procrastination remedies.
  • Planning effective daily study timetables.
  • Optimising cognitive function.
  • Preparing for the examinations.

Valued at $150, this exclusive lecture is *FREE when you make a $10 donation to The Fred Hollows Foundation on the day.

English (Advanced & Standard) Essay Writing Skills - Valued at $150 FREE!

Regardless of how well you perform in your other studies, your two best English units will be used to determine a large part of your ATAR. Every student should therefore be giving this all-important subject as much attention as possible if they want to maximise their HSC marks. Students aiming for the higher marks need to provide responses that clearly stand out above other students’ papers, which is a challenging task when you consider that each response is marked by multiple assessors, and that over 70,000 students sit an English examination each year!

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that the students who can skilfully shape their ideas and arguments, use language appropriate to the chosen audience, context, form and purpose, and show sophistication and flair in their writing will receive the higher marks.

Our “Essay Writing Skills” lecture will provide systematic, foolproof strategies that will enable students to construct sophisticated and detailed responses in their exams. Essay scaffolds and models will be provided, simplifying the complex and bewildering task of composing an English essay. By incorporating practical steps, exercises and detailed examples, this lecture will boost students’ confidence in English and will greatly improve HSC marks!

Valued at $150, this lecture is FREE when enrolling into two or more subject lectures, and $75 when enrolling into one entire subject.

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Registrations for this program will commence in November 2018.

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Subjects Offered:

Year 12:

This program is not available in Year 12 subjects.

Year 11:

Advanced Study Skills Program, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English Advanced, English Standard, Maths Advanced, Maths Extension, Maths Standard, Physics, This program is relevant to all Year 11 students


January 2019


The University of Sydney (Camperdown)