Trial Exam Revision Lectures

Trial Exam Revision Lectures

Trial Exam Revision Lectures 2019

A+ Notes Elite HSC TeachersMaximise HSC MarksSave Time
You’ll receive the most
comprehensive and
detailed exam preparation
notes available saving
you countless hours in
exam preparation time!

To give you the best
chance of success, we
use qualified HSC teachers
and exam markers (not
unqualified university

TSFX offers a proven
track history of unrivalled
ATAR success. We get
results & can make
a significant difference
to your final marks.
What can take a few
hours for you to
revise or learn can
take an experienced
teacher only minutes
to explain!

Students can save significant amounts of stress and time before their exams by having an experienced HSC teacher guide them through the revision process. Our ‘Trial Exam Revision’ lectures have been designed with this purpose in mind, and to give students the skills and information they’ll need to perform to the highest possible standard in their trial exams.

Dates: Monday 8 – Sunday 4 August 2019
Venue: University of Technology, Sydney
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When you attend our revision lectures you will:


Benefits of Attending:


How We Differ:

Your final years at school are the most challenging, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Having extra support and guidance from key educational professionals can make all the difference – giving you the best chance to secure the marks you deserve without undue stress.

However, caution is key. There are huge quality differences among lecture/seminar providers claiming to provide that extra support. There are variations in teaching philosophies and styles, how thoroughly subject materials are addressed, and the quality and quantity of support materials that are issued to students.

So how does TSFX differ from other lecture/program providers?


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Subjects Offered:

Year 12:

Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English Advanced, English Standard, Legal Studies, Mathematics Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Standard, PDHPE, Physics

Year 11:

This program is not available in Year 11 subjects.


Ends Sunday 4 August 2019


University of Technology, Sydney