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Year 11 & Year 12 Head Start Lectures

The HSC involves a lot of hard work and it’s easy to fall behind. It’s therefore important that students use the quiet periods to catch up and, where possible, get ahead in their studies.

The summer break gives students the opportunity to get ahead and to reduce stress levels and study loads in 2019.

Working through materials on your own, however, can be tedious, time-consuming and ineffective. Our “Summer School – Head Start” program has therefore been designed to help you secure the best possible advantage in the HSC in a time-efficient and relatively painless manner!

When You Attend Our Summer School Program:

  • You will work through key HSC or Preliminary topics to an A+ standard, in a relaxed, step-by-step manner.
  • You will receive advance exposure to assessment tasks and examination-style questions.
  • You will learn the problem-solving skills that are needed to secure the higher test and examination marks.
  • You will receive valuable advice from prominent and successful teachers and exam assessors, giving you a further edge in the HSC.

Detailed and comprehensive A+ notes will be provided in each subject.

Benefits of Summer School

Students who work through subject materials in advance will quickly see the benefits when the same topics are covered at school. While other students struggle to understand new concepts being presented in class, you’ll be hearing this information for the second time. As a result:

  • Your understanding of examinable materials will increase.
  • You’ll write fewer notes in class, allowing you to direct your full attention to what your teachers are saying.
  • Your ability to apply concepts will greatly improve.
  • You’ll get more out of your classes at school, reducing the need for private tutors.
  • You can use the time spent in class consolidating learnings and to ask your teachers the tough and insightful questions you wouldn’t usually think of until you’re revising for a test or exam.
  • You won’t get stuck on questions as frequently, reducing the time you’ll need to spend on homework.
  • You’ll ingrain examinable materials deeper into long-term memory, decreasing the time and effort that is needed to prepare for tests and exams!
  • You’ll develop more confidence in your abilities.
  • You’ll be less likely to procrastinate your studies, reducing stress levels and study loads across the year.
  • You’ll achieve higher HSC marks.

So maximise your holidays and save hundreds of hours in study time with the TSFX Head Start lectures.

Bonus Lectures

Advanced Study Skills Program – Valued at $150FREE!

Advanced Essay Writing Skills Lecture – Valued at $150FREE!

Please refer to the program brochure for further details.


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Subjects Offered:

Year 12:

Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English Advanced, English Standard, General Mathematics, Legal Studies, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Modern History, PDHPE, Physics, Studies of Religion

Year 11:

This program is not available in Year 11 subjects.


January 2019


The University of Sydney (Camperdown)