Half Yearly HSC Exam Revision Lectures


Our “Half Yearly Exam Revision Lectures” have been designed to provide students with the skills and information required to perform to the highest standard possible, and to decrease study commitments in the lead up to the half yearly exams. Each subject lecture offers students detailed and comprehensive coverage of examinable materials as well as significantly more examination hints and instruction than that offered by any other program provider. The additional exposure to examination-style questions and specialised instruction in examination strategies and solution processes offers immeasurable benefits, and will help students develop that important advantage over their HSC peers.

Get Ahead & Reduce Stress

As schools often address course materials in different orders, some of the topics being offered in the “Half Yearly Exam Revision Lectures” may not be examined until later this year. These topic lectures therefore offer students the opportunity to get ahead in their studies, reducing stress levels and workloads in Term 3. Having a solid knowledge of course content in advance of covering materials at school will enable students to absorb more information in the classroom, resulting in a stronger understanding of examinable materials. Students will find that their ability to answer/address questions improves, improving confidence levels, decreasing the time spent on homework and test/exam preparation, whilst markedly improving HSC marks.

Note: To date, NO OTHER seminar/lecture provider has been able to match the quality and depth of materials that are issued to students who attend TSFX programs.

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Year 12:

This program is not available in Year 12 subjects.

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