HSC Essay Writing Skills

Regardless of how well you perform in your other studies, your two best English scores will be used to determine a significant portion of your ATAR. Every student should therefore be giving this all-important subject as much attention as possible if they want to maximise their ATAR result. Students aiming for the higher marks need to provide responses that clearly stand out above other students’ papers, which is a challenging task when you consider that each response is  marked by multiple assessors, and that over 70,000 students sit an English examination each year!

It has been repeatedly shown that the students who can skilfully shape their ideas and arguments and show sophistication and flair in their writing will receive the higher English marks. Our “English Essay Writing Skills” lecture will provide systematic, foolproof strategies that will enable students to construct sophisticated and rational arguments that will persuade markers of your point of view. You will also gain an understanding of the role of technical analysis in a structured argument, and connect concepts, themes and ideas with your discussion of techniques.

Valued at $150, this lecture is FREE when enrolling into two or more subject lectures at the TSFX Summer School, and $75 when enrolling into one entire subject.

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January 2018


The University of Sydney (Camperdown)