Advanced English Essay Writing Lecture

Our Advanced Essay Writing Skills Lecture will set out strategies that may be applied to the Area of Study and Modules, for Advanced and Standard students. It will provide systematic, rational strategies to allow students to construct sophisticated and persuasive arguments.

This lecture will focus on persuasion as the purpose of the English essay, and proceed with a rational approach to structuring paragraphs and introductions that are consistent with this purpose. Significant attention will be placed on technical analysis and its place in a structured argument, proposing that concepts, themes and ideas are functions of techniques. We will also focus on the analysis of techniques as evidence in a persuasive argument, and the place for this evidence in a well-argued paragraph. Essay scaffolds and models will be provided, simplifying the sometimes complex and bewildering task of composing an English essay.

By incorporating practical steps, critical advice, exercises and examples, our Advanced Essay Writing Skills lecture will certainly boost students’ confidence in English! The process of essay writing will become as simple as any other task, allowing students to build and express sophisticated, rational arguments that will persuade markers of students’ points of view. Common examination errors will also be addressed.

Registrations for this program will commence November 2017.

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Year 12:

This program is relevant to all Year 12 students

Year 11:

This program is relevant to all Year 11 students


January 2018


The University of Sydney (Camperdown)